(…) Kitchen - Merrillat Classic® - Knobs, Handles & Pulls
  Merrillat Classic® - Knobs, Handles & Pulls  
Merrillat Classic® Hardware
Stainless Steel, Silver, Aluminum, Pewter, Nickel & Chrome
HK123 HP124 HK128
Item Number: HK123
Antique Pewter Braided Knob
Item Number: HP124
Antique Pewter Braided Pull
Item Number: HK128
Antique Pewter Flower Knob
HK110 HP166 HK111
Item Number: HK110
Black Nickel Knob
Item Number: HP166
Black Nickel Traditional Pull
Item Number: HK111
Bright Chrome Knob
HP151 HK150 HP163
Item Number: HP151
Brushed Satin Pewter French
Tassel Pull
Item Number: HK150
Brushed Satin Pewter French Tassel Round Knob
Item Number: HP163
Chrome Traditional Pull
HP112 HK117 HP135
Item Number: HP112
Satin Aluminum Boat Cleat
Transitional Pull
Item Number: HK117
Satin Aluminum Knob
Item Number: HP135
Satin Nickel Canoe Pull
HK158 HK138 HP139
Item Number: HK158
Satin Nickel Diminishing Knob
Item Number: HK138
Satin Nickel Football Shaped Knob
Item Number: HP139
Satin Nickel Fusilli Pull
HK137 HK109 HK120
Item Number: HK137
Satin Nickel Knob
Item Number: HK109
Satin Nickel Knob
Item Number: HK120
Satin Nickel Knob
HK107 HP106 HP103
Item Number: HK107
Satin Nickel Rope Knob
Item Number: HP106
Satin Nickel Rope Pull
Item Number: HP103
Satin Nickel Suitcase Pull
HP164 HP118 HP159
Item Number: HP164
Satin Nickel Traditional Pull
Item Number: HP118
Satin Nickel Transitional Pull
Item Number: HP159
Satin Nickel Wavy Pull
Item Number: HP131
Satin Nickel Wire Cable Pull
Iron, Bronze, Brass and Copper
HK119 HP165 HK125
Item Number: HK119
Antique Iron Knob
Item Number: HP165
Bright Brass Traditional Pull
Item Number: HK125
Copper Pewter Knob
HK127 HK157 HK126
Item Number: HK127
Dusty Copper Flower Knob
Item Number: HK157
Oil Rubbed Bronze Round
Item Number: HK126
Rusty Flower Knob
HK108 HP154 HK155
Item Number: HK108
Solid Bright Brass Knob
Item Number: HP154
Tumbled Dark Gunmetal Mission Style Ringed Pendent Pull
Item Number: HK155
Tumbled Dark Gunmetal Round Knob
HK162 HP156  
Item Number: HK162
Venetian Bronze Copper French Lace Knob
Item Number: HP156
Oil Rubbed Bronze Cup Pull
Ceramic, Porcelain & Wood
HP153 HK152 HK161
Item Number: HP153
Black Ceramic Insert Pull
Item Number: HK152
Black Ceramic Insert Round Knob
Item Number: HK161
Ochre Finished Ceramic Totem Knob
HP160 HK02 HP140
Item Number: HP160
Ochre Finished Ceramic Totem Pull
Item Number: HK02
White Ceramic Knob
Item Number: HP140
White Fusilli Pull
8" Stainless Steel Pull    

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